This is a question people ask us surprisingly often. On Facebook, on Twitter and in real life. Here is the definitive, official answer.

Yes, in some respects - yes, because: we find the dynamism and technological innovation of our colleagues at N26 impressive. In 2019 banking should be mobile, uncomplicated and smooth. At the same time, we believe that credible value orientation and the absolutely consistent sustainability approach of GLS are the only way to deal responsibly with the medium of money. We want to reconcile the two.

On the other hand, the question doesn't go to the heart of the matter - because with Tomorrow we will offer an independent, original concept. On the technological side with small and large technical innovations that are not yet available on the German market. And on the side of the positive footprint with new ideas on how to capture and reward a sustainable lifestyle, for example. In addition, we will present the topic of "sustainable investment" in a really simple, uncomplicated way -so that saving becomes something easy, something commonplace.

And last but not least, we want to shape the way we conduct our business differently from what we used to do in the financial market. Not with nested products and complex language, but as a transparent, open organisation in which all stakeholders - above all the customers - can and should help shape.