The threatened areas in our Amazon project are originally inhabited and farmed by traditional communities. Weak legal regulations regarding land use mean that the region near the Amazon is ecologically highly endangered by deforestation. The areas are regarded as fertile and easily accessible, so that industrial agricultural companies are trying to use the areas for the cultivation of soy on a large scale. As a result of deforestation, the "Ribeirinhos", as the inhabitants of the Amazon are called, are threatened by losing their already small income, as they mostly make their living from fishing or subsistence farming. In addition to habitats and economic areas, numerous animal species are also threatened by deforestation.

In order to counteract this development, the endangered area is divided into several plots by the forest protection project and strictly monitored. This way, it is protected from unintentional takeover by the agricultural industry and from illegal deforestation. The rainforest areas remain intact through the project and the families living there as well as their habitats are safe. The population is actively involved in the process: the Ribeirinhos are trained in monitoring, so that in addition to protecting the forest, jobs are created.