When you buy something with Apple Pay, a device-specific number is used along with a uniquely created transaction code. This way your card and account information is never stored on your device or on Apple servers. What’s more, Apple never shares this data with the merchant during the payment process. 

When you pay with a debit card, Apple Pay does not store any information about your transaction that can be traced back to you. 

With Apple Pay, you use your face or fingerprint to unlock your device and then pay. Not only is it easier to remember than a PIN - you may only need your PIN in certain cases on your Apple Watch - it can't be guessed by others and you can never lose it. 

Face ID and Touch ID automatically provides two-factor authentication, so you don't have to confirm your transactions with codes, security questions or passwords.

And if necessary, the Apple Pay link to your Tomorrow account is blocked as soon as you block your Tomorrow card (via the app or our Support Team).