The climate crisis is the greatest challenge of our time. We will only master it with the decisive use of political levers. 

But each and every one of us is also called upon to deal responsibly with the available resources and our own CO₂ emissions. How we live and consume, contributes to our overall carbon footprint.

Here our new feature comes into play.

Our new CO₂ footprinting feature analyses your card transactions for their CO₂ emissions in real time. The respective value is displayed directly in the App next to the transaction, so that you get to know your personal carbon footprint and understand what makes the most difference to your personal CO₂ balance in your everyday life - all at a glance in the Tomorrow App. 

Now, you always know what your buying behaviour means in terms of CO₂ emissions- whether you do your groceries, top up your car or pay for your VoD services. The moment you pay with your card, the CO₂ value in kilograms that is generated on average during production, transport and service is displayed in addition to the price.

The feature is free of charge and available in all our account models.