The CO2 values are calculated by our partner Ecolytiq, a data company located in Berlin. 

The basis for the calculation is publicly available data, studies and research projects (e.g. from the Federal Statistical Office) on individual areas of life. From this, Ecolytiq developed a formula that can analyse and calculate the CO2 value for each purchase in real time. Here's how it is calculated. 

Based on the categories assigned to the merchants and the purchase price paid, we calculate the CO2 emissions of your purchase for each payment you make with the Tomorrow Card.

In the category "food", we already ask you for additional (optional) feedback that provides further details about the purchase (e.g. vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, etc.). This enables a more precise calculation. In the future, we plan to expand this option to other categories as well.

Ecolytiq uses a merchant code (MCC) provided by Visa as the basis for the calculation, plus the mentioned feedback loop for refining the calculation. This way user behaviour can be taken into account better.

Ecolytiq calculates the CO2 value according to these 20 categories (value in brackets indicated in g CO2 /€):

Food/retail (858), 

Petrol stations (1888), 

Public transport (127), 

Rail travel (long distance) (71), 

Taxis & Limousines (73), 

Catering (858), 

Lodging & Accommodation (286), 

Online Shopping (942), 

Car Rental (800), 

Air Travel (1660), 

Bakeries and cafés (858), 


Convenience stores (858), 

Clothing / Shopping (800), 

Travel agencies (800), 

Furniture (186), 

Energy (487), 

Streaming Service Video (202), 

Streaming Service Audio (6), 

Rent / Housing (tba)

By tapping on the cloud next to a card transaction, you will be shown a car journey in km as a comparison for the CO2 value. It is based on the assumption of 131g CO2 emission per kilometer. The source is the EEA (European Environment Agency).

This comparison can help you to better assess your own consumption behaviour.

Please note: Your data still belongs exclusively to you. We do not examine any individual items of your purchases and payments. We do not see what you bought. We neither can nor want to. We only track your payment and the merchant, nothing else.