The Tomorrow Footprint feature is an offer we're making - whether you want to accept it is of course up to you. If you don't want to see the CO₂  emissions of your purchases, you can simply decline this option and use your app as usual.

New customers give their consent and can activate the features when opening an account. 

If you already have a Tomorrow account, you will get an opt-in option for the footprinting feature (Profile → Manage account → Activate footprinting). Once activated, you'll see the emission value for all future transactions right next to the purchase amount - for all past transaction, you need to tap on the booking to get to see the footprint. You can see your monthly CO₂  statement in the Insights (pie chart symbol next to "send money"), sorted by the type of booking. Of course, this overview is also planned for the shared account. But we're still working on that.

If you switch off the feature, your data used until then will be deleted with us and Ecolytiq, and of course no further data will be collected for the CO₂  footprint feature either.