Ecolytiq is a data company based in Berlin. They use a formula to calculate a CO2 value for every card payment. It is technology that analyses transactions in real time for their CO2 emissions. 

The figures for the calculation are based on publicly available data, studies and research projects (e.g. from the Federal Statistical Office) on individual areas of life. From this, Ecolytiq developed this very formula.

Ecoyltiq receives the user data from us pseudonymised and creates user profiles on this basis. We have full control over the data that goes to Ecolytiq.

Once you switch off the feature, your data used until then will be deleted by us and by Ecolytiq, and no further data will be collected for the CO2footprint feature.

Also good to know: We cannot see what you have bought, the calculation of the COemissions is based solely on the price paid and the retailer involoved.