We value you very much as customers from the very beginning and have therefore offered the Free and Together account for as long as possible. However, this also means that we have been financially supporting these accounts for more than a year now. Besides our own economic challenge, we also see a discrepancy with our values here. Our offer is for everyone and we do not want to create a hierarchy between our customers in the long run. Even customers who have only just found out about us, perhaps because they don't live in a big city, aren't up to date with the start-up scene, or simply needed more time to trust us, are equally important to the sustainable banking movement.

Now we hope that the loyalty of you, our first customers, has long since turned into conviction and that you will remain loyal to us and continue to support our mission. As a thank you, we have an exclusive offer for you: You can use the Change account for 12 months for only 4,90 € instead of 7 € or the Now account for 2,70 € instead of 3 €.