We haven't forgotten about you and are happy to announce our great offer. You, our loyal Together users, will also have to switch to one of our 'new' paid account models. In order for you to continue to enjoy all the benefits of Together, we recommend that you choose Change. If you choose Change, you will use your account for only 4,90 € for the next 12 months. From the 13th month (November 2023) Change will cost you 7 €.

What happens to my shared account?

For the shared account, it is necessary that at least the inviting person has subscribed to Change. This means that if you switch from Together to Change, your shared account won't be affected. Unfortunately, if you both choose Now, it will not be possible to continue with the shared account. You can memorize that the account fees for the use of the shared account of both people must add up to at least 10 € (without discount).

Why can't I keep Together? 

We want to create a fair and uniform offer for all customers. In addition, it is very complicated for Tomorrow to support account models that new customers can no longer subscribe to. And finally, with this change, we're also taking into account your feedback that the difference between 'Together' and 'Shared Account' was difficult to explain. With Change, it's much easier.