In autumn 2020, we ran a very successful crowd investing campaign. Here you can find the FAQs on the topic. Have fun browsing through them.

What is crowd investing?
Crowd investing is a form of financing in which private individuals invest in mostly young companies (start-ups). In our case, this is done via so-called profit participation rights. We’ll explain what exactly that means a little further down.
The opportunity for you as an investor is to earn a high return by participating in our potential profit. However, there are also risks in crowd investing: As with any equity investment, investors can lose their money completely if the company is not successful and goes bankrupt, for example.
By participating in our crowd-investing campaign, you won’t acquire any shares in Tomorrow, nor any right of co-determination. Instead, you’ll buy profit participation rights, for which we’ll either pay you a share of the profits made or the agreed interest rate at maturity.

What am I actually buying? What are participation rights?
From a legal point of view, profit participation rights are a capital transfer relationship under the law of obligations, in which the holder of the profit participation rights provides capital to a company in return for the granting of profit-sharing rights.
In the context of our crowd investing campaign this means that you’ll transfer money to us for a fixed period of time and, in return, receive claims to a share of our profits or interest. In contrast to shareholders or partners of a company, you won’t become a co-owner of Tomorrow by owning participation rights, but remain a creditor. This means that you won’t acquire any voting rights or similar rights which you could use to influence Tomorrow's future strategic decisions.

Why did we run this campaign?
We want to grow, improve our product and develop cool new features! It’s as simple as that. Collecting money from investors is common practice in the startup world. In return for their investment, investors typically receive shares in the company or (as is the case with our crowd investing campaign) a share in future profits. What we’re doing with this crowdfunding campaign is ensuring that this direct form of support is not only reserved for bankers or professional investors, but for quote unquote ordinary people too. In theory, everyone can participate financially in the future development of Tomorrow.

At the moment we wouldn’t qualify for a loan from a traditional bank simply because we aren’t yet making a profit. We already have experienced investors on board, and they continue to support us. We actively chose to additionally source investment from the crowd because it’s incredibly important to us to enable private individuals to directly support Tomorrow and, in return, share in our success.

Here’s a list of our investors in no particular order:

Forest Finance

Berlin Ventures

Georg Bader

Christian Rebernik 

Georg Kaiser

Thomas Adank


5 for Tomorrow 

Laughing Tuna

Odlo Inter 

Michael Hetzer

ETF - Environmental Technologies Fund

What’s in it for me, and what are the risks?
At the very least, you’re assured of the fixed interest rate of 5% at the end of the term - you can think of this as your safety net. But we’re hoping to be able to reward you with more than this. As soon as we generate distributable profit that exceeds the minimum interest rate, you’ll receive a share of this profit at the end of the financial year. The minimum interest rate would then no longer apply. Incidentally, the same applies in the case of an IPO or the sale of Tomorrow. This remuneration is not capped.

The amount of your profit share in the annual profit is decided at the shareholders' meeting. First, it is determined how many euros per token will be distributed. This amount is then multiplied by the number of tokens you purchased (1 token = 1 euro investment).

Any participation in the annual profit is distributed after the end of the respective financial year, as is any participation in the proceeds in the event of an IPO or the sale of Tomorrow. Interest income, in turn, will be paid out once at the end of the term of your investment.

When will I get my invested capital back?
Your investment will run for at least 5 years, to be precise until 30/09/2025. After that you can cancel it at any time and get your money back after 3 months. If you don’t cancel, the investment ends automatically after 10 years on 30/09/2030. If you stick with your investment for a full 10 years, your chances of a higher return will of course increase. 

Will I get my money back safely?
No. We cannot promise you 100% security on this investment. In the event of bankruptcy, the total loss of your invested capital is conceivable. Of course, that’s not what we’re expecting to happen! However, it’s immensely important that you know this possibility exists and only invest money in Tomorrow that you will not need to rely on in the coming years, even in the event of an emergency. As such, this opportunity is really only suitable for investors who are able to assess the risk of this form of investment and can cope financially with the total loss of their investment.


Where can I see the performance of my shares?
The shares you’ll purchase will be digital. This means the financial performance of the shares will not be visible, as the units are not listed on the stock exchange and aren’t traded daily. In future financing rounds, we’ll communicate the company valuation that is applicable at that point in time.


What if I need to get my money back before the end of the term?
We won’t pay back your investment within the minimum term of 5 years. However, you theoretically have the possibility to resell your tokens privately after the expiration of the sales ban (31/10/2021).


How will the investment be treated for tax purposes?
Your income from the investment counts as investment income and is therefore taxable. The tax rate is 25% of the income. If the sum of all your income from investment income remains below €801 per year, you won’t have to pay tax on it, in accordance with German tax law. 

In order to benefit from this exemption, it is important that you issue an exemption order with the amount of the expected income to all banks from which you expect investment income. This is very easy to do with a form from our partner WIWIN.



How is Tomorrow doing? - Are you already earning money?
Yes, we already generate income, for example with our CO2-neutral account Tomorrow Zero. However, we aren’t yet making a profit. This requires further income from new products, which we will finance with funds we raise through crowdinvesting and other sources.The plan is to achieve this within the next 3-4 years.

Won’t crowd investing jeopardize your mission?
On the contrary, through crowd investing we’ll pave another way to develop cool new products and features in our interest and at the same time enable private individuals to participate in the profit opportunities of equity investments. Basically, we want to grow and see sustainable banking become the new norm. And, of course, we want to earn money in the process! By doing so, we’ll prove that sustainable management does not exclude financial success.


How will you stay true to your values in the event of an IPO?
In an IPO, only a small part of the company's shares is offered on the stock exchange, which then also ends up in free float, i.e. belonging to many investors. This means we won’t run the risk of betraying our mission. 

In the event of an exit, Tomorrow will not simply be sold to the next person who comes along or to the highest bidder. Only an investor with the same understanding of our mission and vision for the banking world can take over our legacy. The decision is very much in our hands.

Who are your partners, and how do you work with them?

 Who is WIWIN?
WIWIN is an online platform for sustainable investment. It's used to broker capital investments in the fields of renewable energies, sustainable start-ups and energy-efficient real estate.WIWIN is also a member of the Bundesverband Crowdfunding, a network of commercial crowdfunding platforms in Germany, whose main objective is to ensure high standards of investor and consumer protection. You can find detailed information here. Our partner WIWIN is contractually bound to Effecta as an investment intermediary.
You can reach WIWIN via telephone on 06131- 9714-0, from Monday to Friday from 9am - 6.30pm or via chat and contact form on this page:


Who or what is Effecta?
Effecta is a financial services institution with its own distribution licence under the German Banking Act. This means that Effecta is allowed to offer banking services and investment products. Our partner WIWIN is contractually bound to Effecta as an investment intermediary. By monitoring the individual investments, Effecta ensures that all legal requirements are met, which offers you as the investor additional security. You can read more about this here.