The related costs entirely depend on which account model you choose. There are no charges for creating the shared account as such, but for the account model you use in order to have this feature (among others) available. 

Opening a shared account is a feature that is offered with the Together and Zero account models. 

This is how it works:

If you have chosen Tomorrow Together, you pay €5 per month for this account model. This will be deducted from your personal current account. Together gives you the possibility to open a shared account and invite your +1 to it (your +1 will also need a Together or Zero account, and will also pay the corresponding fee of the chosen account model).

If you have a Zero account, you pay your Zero fee (15€) as usual. Again, there are no additional costs if you open a shared account (if you are a Zero user, you can invite users subscribed for Together, Zero or even the free account "Tomorrow Free". Your +1 will also pay for their chosen account model themselves - either 5€, 15€ or 0€).

The first card is free for both participants of the shared account.

How do I get started?

There are different ways to open a shared account yourself, or to use one as an invitee. Which option is the right one for you depends on your account model.

Tomorrow Free:

As a free account user, you can upgrade to a Together or Zero account, which include the feature "shared account". 

To upgrade, go to your Profile → Manage Account → Create Shared Account. 

Together and also Zero include the feature to open a shared account or participate as an invited person. 

As a user of the free account without upgrading, you can only be invited to a shared account, provided your +1 has a Zero account.

Together account: Feature included

As a Together customer, the shared account feature is already included. You can either create a shared account or be invited to it by your +1. 

You can find out more about what the Together account offers here

Zero account:  Feature included 

As a Zero customer, the feature is also included. You can create a shared account or be invited by your +1. The Zero account therefore offers everything the Together account does, and more

New customer: Choose your account model

You don't have a Tomorrow account yet? Then open a Zero or Together account here to be able to use features like the shared account.