To apply for an overdraft, select the three dots next to "send money". There you can apply for an overdraft under 'overdraft facility'. The app will guide you through the application process. 

Please read the information displayed in the app carefully and then tap on "Start request".  Select your employment status and enter your monthly net salary. This will be used to calculate the overdraft facility. For the last step, confirm that you agree to an analysis by selecting 'Submit Request'. By agreeing to the analysis, you allow Solaris to query your current score with SCHUFA, as well as send SCHUFA notifications. In addition, your account transactions of the last 90 days will be viewed. You can find more details directly in the app or here.

As soon as you have sent your request, it will be checked. The app will then show your available limit, interest rate, and other details. Read through all the legal documents in the app. After this, you can activate the overdraft.