Tomorrow is a social business project from Hamburg, founded by Inas, Michael and Jakob. Developing a truly sustainable, sustainable bank offering is an intense, demanding project. It's also likely to cost a lot of money: we need to develop complex IT systems, provide an up-to-date app, build a customer service framework, meet a bunch of regulatory and formal requirements (as it should be), and much more.

In order to be able to achieve all this, in 2017 we brought on board four sponsors who fit in with us and our project. They all support Tomorrow's vision of using finance as a force for positive social change and want to be part of it in the long term. They are:

  • Forest Finance, pioneer of sustainable afforestation

  • Georg Bader, an old friend and partner of Inas

  • Marek and Stoffel - also old companions

To sum it up: TOMORROW is an independent project, initiated and managed by the founders Inas, Michael and Jakob. We hold the majority of the shares, and have only brought on board partners who want to share our mission and develop a bank that changes the course of the industry.