Yes, the Tomorrow account can be linked to PayPal. This can be done in two ways: 

1. You enter your bank account and thus your IBAN.
Verification is required for this. This can either be done immediately via
 or by transferring a cent amount from Paypal to your account. The transfer then contains a code that must be entered into the Paypal account. The Paypal payments are then debited as direct debit.

2. You deposit your VISA card. To do this, you enter the card number, the expiry date and the CVV code. Paypal payments are then debited as card payments. Before the Paypal process is completed, the VISA 3D Secure confirmation must be done again in the Tomorrow app. After entering the card details, you will land on a Paypal screen called “PayPal Secure Authentication ” -> Submit. At the same time you will receive a 3DS query in the app “Confirm a payment from Paypal”. The payment in the Tomorrow app must first be confirmed here before you click Send on Paypal. Otherwise, an error message will appear saying "Your card could not be added. We cannot confirm that you are the cardholder. Please contact the provider if you cannot use it."

Sometimes there are problems depositing our account or card with Paypal. It should be noted here that both accounts (Paypal and Solarisbank) must be kept with the same name. For example, if Paypal contains umlauts (Ä, Ü, Ö) in the name, but Solaris does not (AU, EU, OE), an error message will appear and the cardholder cannot be verified. In this case, change your name to Paypal and delete the umlaut. Small changes to the system (1-2 characters) should be able to be made without proof and then only take a few minutes.