You can easily change your address, e-mail-address and telephone number yourself under Account > 'Personal data', as long as you still have access to the current registered phone number. If you don't, please contact the Support Team via Chat. If you want to change your number without having access to the number on file, please make sure you have proof at hand that shows your name in combination with the phone number. Alternatively, we can accept proof in the name of your spouse or first-degree relative in combination with a marriage certificate or birth certificate.

To change your name, the best thing is to contact us via Chat from within the Tomorrow app. To prove the name change you need to have one of the following documents ready:

- Picture of an ID document with your new name

- Picture of a certificate proving the name change (marriage certificate, etc.)

- Ergänzungsausweis of dgti e.V. (Note: Name change possible for card and communication, but not the core banking system)