Zero is the premium account that can do more. Together as a community, we use part of the account fee to finance holistic solutions for the fight against the climate crisis. With impact projects in three important areas, we actively save CO₂ together as a Zero Community:

- You protect ecosystems in South Africa with long-term renaturation to restore habitats.

- You enable new CO₂ storage by supporting innovative technologies.

- You support important work at the climate policy level to get green energy and other sustainable technologies off the ground. 

In addition, of course, you'll have some very practical benefits on a personal level: 

You have unlimited free withdrawals every month, and you won't pay any fees when you're abroad - neither when paying nor when withdrawing in other currencies. You can also use unlimited Pockets, where you can put money aside for the next vacation or other nice knickknacks. As the icing on the cake, you can order our beautiful wooden card.