Depending on your account tier (go here fore an overview of our tiers) you can - in addition to your personal account - create a shared account which can be used by two people at a time. This account has also its own IBAN, and is visible as a separate account in your app.

So, unlike a classic joint account, only one person is the true account holder. The account holder can invite one other person to join the account.

The account holder authorizes the other person to use the account freely. The authorization can be revoked at any time.

Each account participant can order a free card for the account, which differs in design from the other Tomorrow cards. 

If you pay with this card, the amount is debited directly from the shared account.

Discuss with your +1 beforehand who will open the account (account holder) and who will be invited (authorized person). The power of attorney (authorization) over the joint account with all rights and obligations lies with the account holder only (see also ‘Who does the money in the account belong to?’ and ‘Who is liable?’).