You can close your securities account in your app under 'Manage securities account'. Afterwards you will receive an email to your registered email address with all further steps. In order to close your account, you have to follow one of those two options:

1. You sell the existing assets (portfolio holdings) so that your portfolio balance is zero (the execution time takes on average 2 business days). Please note: Accumulated gains or losses are realized during the selling process, so please bear in mind the resulting tax implications.

2. You transfer the existing assets (securities holdings) to another bank. You have to apply for the outgoing securities transfer at your new custodian bank, they will then move the holdings to your new securities account. Please note: Gains or losses will not be realized during this process and your securities account balance will only be transferred. If you choose this way, the transfer and the closing will usually happen almost simultaneously, because: you open a new securities account at another bank and the securities account closing will be submitted at the same time as the securities account transfer from the new bank. This is not tax advice. Taxes may be realized in individual cases.

We will confirm the closure of the securities account after the successful disposal or transfer of the securities account holdings via email.