Here we have summarized important information that you should be aware of when using this feature. 

The viacash withdrawal/deposit feature is only possible in stores in Germany.


For deposits, the limit is 999.99 per time, day (24 hrs.) and week (7 days). For withdrawals the limits are: 300 per time, 500 per day (24 hrs.) and 999.99 per week (7 days). If the app states that you have reached the limit, feel free to check if there are any unused barcodes. If so, delete them and create a new one. Otherwise: As soon as the week is over, you can use the limit again.


A barcode is only valid for one hour and for one deposit or withdrawal. If you do not use it, the barcode will expire. You can create a new code at any time.

Shopping in partner store

You do not need to make a purchase at a partner store to withdraw or deposit cash.

Problems with barcode creation

If no barcode is generated after entering the TAN, please check if you have already reached the daily/weekly maximum amount for cash deposits or withdrawals (e.g. 999.99 € per week). If this is not the case, please contact support.

Sending to third parties

Sending barcodes to third parties is strictly prohibited.

Shared Account

Cash cannot currently be deposited to and withdrawn from the shared account. This is currently only possible with the personal account.