1. Update of the account management fee

The prices have been updated as of 1 March 2024. The change applies to all existing and new customers. 

These are now the current account maintenance fees

Now: €4 per month

Change: €8 per month

Zero: €17 per month 

-> These prices have been valid since 1 March 2024.


2. Increase of cash withdrawal fee and introduction of gambling fee

Since 1 March 2024, a cash withdrawal costs €3. This change affects the Now account model, which does not include a free withdrawal, and from the 6th withdrawal onwards for the Change account model, which includes five free withdrawals. Zero customers are not affected by the change. 

Since 1 March 2024 there is also a fee for gambling: 3% of the amount / min. 3 €.


3. Discounted annual payment option

In addition to the already familiar monthly payment method, we have been offering an additional payment option since 4 December 2023: This allows you to prepay the fee for Now, Change and Zero each year at a discounted annual rate, saving you the cost of one month per year. This means you only pay for 11 months instead of 12.