The project currently supported is as follows: 

Sustainable power supply in sub-Saharan South Africa

With Africa GreenTec Foundation e.V. we are raising €200,000 for two Cooltainers in Mauritania at the UNHCR Camp for Refugees and in Gambia.

More than 600 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa have no access to electricity. At the same time, women entrepreneurs in the region earn on average 34% lower profits than men. The project finances a sustainable system solution that supplies entire village communities with solar-powered refrigerated containers (Cooltainer) and promotes entrepreneurship among women, migrants and refugees in crisis areas. For power supply, the Africa GreenTec Foundation uses solar energy - the most logical and cleanest energy source in Africa. With Rounding Up we finance two Cooltainers, which can be operated self-sufficiently by solar energy. They are mobile cold stores for sustainable agriculture, minimizing food spoilage and creating new distribution channels. The Cooltainer has space for 120 boxes, which can be rented out to customers.

The first Cooltainer will be operated by refugees who will be trained to be responsible for the Cooltainer. In Mauritania, refugees from over 40 regions find refuge. However, most of the refugees come from the neighboring country of Mali. Mali is located in West Africa in the Sahel region. Since 2012, the humanitarian and security situation in the country has continued to deteriorate. People have to flee again and again, especially from violent attacks by armed groups. This intensifies already existing problems such as political instability, climate disasters and resource scarcity. Millions of people are in need of humanitarian assistance. Given the unstable security situation in Mali, large-scale returns are not expected, and influxes are continuing at low levels.

The second Cooltainer is expected to be set up in Gambia and will primarily target women. There, 5 women will be trained to be responsible for the Cooltainer and thus run their own business. They will learn technical skills for the use, management and maintenance of the Cooltainer, as well as digital and entrepreneurial skills. The long-term goal is to enable the trained women to earn their own income by renting out the Cooltainer.

Contribution to climate justice

Depending on the scenario, the temperature in Mauritania is expected to rise by 2.0 to 4.5 °C by 2080 compared to pre-industrial levels.

Even a temperature increase between 1.5 °C and 2 °C will contribute to farmers losing 40% to 80% of their cultivated land in the 2030s and 2040s. This poses a major problem for food security in the region, as many people (>50%) in sub-Saharan Africa are self-sufficient and farmers. It is already the case that almost 40% of crop yields become unusable due to inadequate cooling. By setting up the Cooltainer, we can help locally to improve the cold chain so that food can be kept longer and diseases caused by rotten food can be prevented.