Money plays a decisive role in the question of what kind of economy we'll end up with. Money works - but what does it do? Whether the funds are sitting in a current account, a savings account or in an equity fund: banks use their customers' money to grant loans or make investments. Today, money often, far too often, becomes part of the problem: it finances industries that operate at the expense of future generations. That could be the arms industry or fossil fuels - the list is long. We'd like to change that: We have created a strict list of criteria that specifies where your money will end up and where you can be absolutely sure it won't. You can find it here.

But money can also become part of the solution: A forward-looking economy needs capital. This applies to the microcredit for the small farmer who needs new seeds; to the start-up that wants to launch a social business idea; and to the wind farm that wants to create additional capacities. This is where we come into play. Find out more about our impact strategy here.