We have three main sources of income:

1. We have income from different fees and will continue to use this as a source for additional earnings by launching further products gradually. For example: our premium account Tomorrow Zero. Here you can find out exactly how: https://support.tomorrow.one/en/support/solutions/articles/15000032227-what-is-my-contribution-used-for-

You can find more information on our different account tiers in the price list.

2. We have you! With our more than succesful crowd investments, we have brought many great people on board as private investors who support our idea and our journey with small and large investment amounts. We can't say it often enough how proud and thankful we are!

Of course, we still also have our professional investors, who all still stand behind our idea and have supported us again in this financing round. 

The majority of the shares are still held by the founders, Inas, Michael and Jakob. 

3. Like all financial service providers, we are allowed to invest the deposits of our customers. The returns from this then finance us to a certain extent. What sets us apart to other financial providers? We only support sustainable, ethical and future-oriented companies and projects, and by this make money part of the solution. In the Impact Board you can see the investments we have made so far: