The “Unganisha” initiative is an ambitious nature conservation program run by the WWF in East Africa. At around 134,000 square kilometers, the Unganisha region is about twice the size of Switzerland and stretches between Lake Victoria in the west of East Africa and the Indian Ocean in the east. 

There are various challenges on site. Such as rapid population growth, resulting in grasslands being overgrazed by more and more livestock, forests being destroyed, and wilderness being converted into farmland. In addition, the situation is also exacerbated by the clearly noticeable effects of climate change: droughts are becoming more frequent and lasting much longer. People, their livestock and wild animals suffer equally from this. 

The area is of outstanding importance for the protection of global biodiversity. A main concern of the program is therefore to connect existing protected areas and ecosystems across borders via wildlife corridors in order to preserve the natural wealth of this region for the future. 

The people living here are also highly dependent on the functioning of the ecosystems, their biological diversity and their natural services.  The WWF wants to work with people to ensure that they can lead a good life without destroying nature in times of need. 

With your donations you support, among other things, measures to restore forest landscapes, stabilize biodiversity and ensure a secure income for local people. You can find out more about the project and the specific goals that are to be achieved together with the Tomorrow Community here.