Is it after 10:30 a.m and a weekday?
Then call us straight away! We will help you immediately. It's weekend or after 6:00 pm? Then please contact us via chat  - there we can help you outside our business hours right away. The Chat-Bot notifies us directly, and we can immediately take the necessary steps to protect your account.

If your mobile phone has been stolen, please report it to the police - this is the only way to be insured against any damage that may result. Please remember to block (and re-order) your SIM card with your provider right away, even if your phone is "only" lost. By doing this, you prevent someone from making calls or receiving TANs for your account in your name. Once you have done this, it is not necessary to have your app access blocked by us. 

As soon as you have a new smartphone, you can download the Tomorrow App again and log in on the new device. If you also have a new phone number you will need our help. We’ll get into the details when you contact our Support Team about it. 

If you are still in possession of your phone and your card was stolen or if you have lost it, please block it right away in the Tomorrow app (settings - manage cards). If you are sure you will not find it, get it back, or if you are unsure whether someone else has your card details, please re-order a Tomorrow card from the same settings page.