Our card manufacturer Exceet sources the wood from sustainable cultivation in Austria. The card is therefore made from a renewable, regional material and drastically reduces our plastic consumption. We save 80 % respectively 4 grams of plastic. The currently unavoidable plastic core, which makes contactless payment possible, is made of R-PETG, i.e. recycled PVC. With an average felling for the veneer industry, the cherry trees usually have a trunk length of 7m and a diameter of 45cm - sums up in 450.3 kg per tree. So around 112500 cards can be produced from one cherry tree.

The card contains a chip, a magnetic strip and also a fine antenna for contactless payment, which runs on a plastic carrier inside the card. Per card, we use about 3 - 4 grams of wood. The antenna and the chip together make up about 1 gram.