You can switch your bank account quickly and free of charge using the Qwist account switching service. If you haven't done so already, open a Tomorrow account and start the account switching service via the app (profile icon > manage account > start account change). Alternatively, you can start the process on your desktop. Further questions about the account switching service will be answered there using the question mark at the top right. Simply log in to Qwist using the login data from your old bank account. The login data will always be processed in a secure and encrypted form.  

Once logged in, Qwist will guide you through the process and automatically identifies direct debits, incoming payments and standing orders. All you have to do is select which ones you want to take with you to Tomorrow. If desired, you can also indicate that you would like to cancel your previous account. Then, just confirm the account change and that's it!

A final note: The Qwist switching service is not available for all countries. Currently, you can only switch from one German bank to another German bank.