With the Tomorrow Card you can pay contactless and without a PIN. This means that it is no longer necessary to insert the card into a card reader and enter the PIN. The amount up to which this is possible can vary from merchant to merchant. Mostly the limit is set somewhere between 25-50€. After that, you also have to enter your PIN for contactless payment.

A NFC chip is built in for this purpose, which enables data to be transferred over a short distance via electromagnetic induction.

Before you can pay contactless, you have to insert the card into the reader and enter your PIN the very first time you use it. If this is successful, nothing stands in the way of contactless payment the next time.

What's good to know: For security reasons, the NFC function deactivates itself after a few transactions and must be unlocked again. You do this in the classic way by inserting your card and entering your PIN. Please try your next card payment by inserting the card and entering the PIN, and then contactless payment should work again.

If there is a problem, please bear the following in mind:
- Does the amount exceed the merchant's set limit for contactless payments?
- Do you have sufficient funds in your account? 
- Are your limits exceeded?

If this does not help, you can try it again with other merchants, sometimes the error lies with the card terminal. 

If you still have problems, please contact our Customer Support, we will surely find a solution for you.