Apple has recently changed its policy on tracking practices. The aim is to provide more transparency with regards to which apps are using third party services in order to gather data that will make their work more effective.

At Tomorrow we use a third party service called Adjust. With the help of Adjust we try to better understand how our customers become aware of Tomorrow and through which channel they come when they first register. By doing so, we can advertise much more effectively on those channels that really reach a lot of bright minds, so that many more people eventually move over to the green side of banking. Without this service, we might just burn a lot of money and energy, because our efforts are directed to the wrong channel and groups of people.

We value transparency and we care about what happens to your data. While the data runs through servers at our external provider Adjust, we always pseudonymise your data by replacing it with a random piece of numbers and letters automatically. Of course, all of our practices are in line with our Privacy Policy for the App and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).