To establish our feature Rounding Up as a long-term impact driver at Tomorrow, we founded a charitable limited liability company (gGmbH).

By establishing a gGmbH, we have taken the next big step and come a little closer to our goal to Create a better future for everyone by using money as a force for good. As a gGmbH we can accept donations through Rounding Up and forward them to the appropriate organizations. The purpose for these funds is clearly defined: The main goal of the gGmbH is the fight for climate justice - we can guarantee that the funds are used exclusively for the fight against the climate catastrophe.

The money of the gGmbH has to be used for these purposes:

§ 52 4 Promotion of youth and elderly welfare

§ 52 10 Aid for refugees

§ 52 12 Civil defense and disaster control

§ 52 13 Tolerance in all areas of culture and international understanding

§ 52 14 Animal welfare

§ 52 15 Development cooperation

§ 52 8 Promotion of nature conservation

§ 52 18 Equal rights for men and women

§ 52 24 Promotion of democratic governance

Further advantages

  • As a non-profit organization, a gGmbH is entitled to accept donations and issue tax-effective donation receipts to the donor
  • The non-profit purpose is immediately recognizable for consumers and business partners by the name 'gGmbH'
  • The gGmbH is very flexible and enables us to also support organizations that are not donor-eligible