Rainy Day Fund is an additional pocket specifically designed to build your financial reserve. In just 3 clicks, you can start saving:

1. Go to the Future tab and open the preset Pocket.

2. Enter your net income or any other amount on the basis of which you want the Rainy Day Fund to be calculated.

3. Choose a monthly savings amount.

Rainy Day Fund will automatically calculate how much you should save and the recommended monthly amount. If you feel that your income does not match your actual needs, you can also enter your monthly expenses, for example. The best question to ask yourself is: How much money do you need not to worry for 3 months? This, of course, includes dependent people of yours.

For your monthly rate, you should choose a realistic amount, so that you still have enough money in everyday life to treat yourself from time to time and, in the best case, you can also put something aside for good times. If the preset amounts don't seem right for you or you want to change the rate over time, you can always adjust it manually.

It's best to choose a debit date directly after your salary is received via standing order, so that saving happens automatically and you can't forget to do it.

Outside of the rate, you can of course also deposit additional money at any time or withdraw money from the Rainy Day Fund to your main account.