Renewable energy sources are among the most important sources of electricity in Germany. In 2022, the share of renewable energy in electricity consumption was approximately 45% in Germany. According to the new Renewable Energy Act, at least 80% of the consumed electricity should come from renewable sources by 2030. To achieve this goal, the share of renewable energy needs to be almost doubled in the next seven years.

The expansion of wind energy on land (Onshore) is a key component of the energy revolution. Wind power, along with solar and hydropower, is one of the main pillars of renewable energy. Onshore-wind energy is already the most cost-effective form of energy generation in many regions. In 2022, wind power accounted for 24% of the total electricity generated. For example, coal accounted for 33% and natural gas for 11%. (Sources: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection, 2023; Federal Statistical Office, 2023)